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[GRAPHICS] Coffee Icon Pack
Monday, December 1, 2014 | 3:28 AM | 0 comments

Hello! I'm back~  The exam week was ended few days ago and yap I finally continued blogging. I changed my look because I got bored with the old one. It spent days for me to play with the codes to get the look I want. This look is actually inspired by Leen. After a long tiring hours of research, I could finally make it to the look I want, yay!

Here, I brought you some coffee-themed icons for you. It's free to use and hope you credit me for using these icons ^.^

Title: Coffee [18 icons + 3 gifs]
Category: Food & Beverages
Tools: Photoshop CS6
References: weheartit
Size: 100x100px


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