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Tuesday, March 25, 2014 | 8:12 AM | 0 comments

Hi guys! I know it's been soooooooo long I haven't posted anything here. I know you guys miss me so much! :( lol I'm actually very sorry for abandoning this blog for a long period of time >.< Did I miss something? Yes, of course. :( and some of you guys might've unfollowed me or disconnected me because of the long disappearance. Once again, I'm really sorry guys!

There were like A LOT of events and things which are supposed to be posted here. You guys missed them! And that was my fault >.<

Should I make a mixed post for some past events? I feel like telling you all how the days were going... including my dance performance, birthday surprise, Christmas vacation, and many more! Just wait until I finally post them here. Perhaps I will only post pictures more than descriptions because I must've forgotten some things hahaha..

So, this is my post for today. Very short eh ._. at least people know that I still exist =3=


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