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뭘 써야할것이 없을때...
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 | 8:32 AM | 0 comments

It says.. when you do not know what to write but you feel like writing something on your blog 


Maybe I'll just share some good moments I had few days ago. On Saturday, my dad asked me to meet his Korean friend cuz he knows I'm learning Korean now and maybe his friend can help me to improve my speaking skill which is the least I have among other language skills.
Anw I do love learning Korean structures and writing! Yeay. It's good but what's that all for if I'm not able to speak Korean fluently... I'm not gonna communicate with koreans through writings right, lol.

It's been 6months I stopped learning Korean since my brother left home for his job training outside the city. I was like....lazy ...unmotivated.. something like dat  and I started forgetting some important grammars in korean. gaah! and you know my phone was broken and I had to borrow my mom's phone which isn't able to read/type hangul, even browse the internet, aw that sucked a lot.

so yeah that day is actually the best day ever~! hehe. It's not my first time meeting a korean but this time, this friend of my father is gonna be my first "real" Korean friend . Here I mean, I've been friends with lot of koreans, but only on social medias. They're unreachable and I can't talk to them in person. sighh. His name is Jerry and actually we've met in Incheon airport before when i was on my winter vacation with my family.

We chose La biere restaurant @ Central Park Jakarta to spend time together at. I was damn awkward at first and for the first few minutes I didn't speak at all while he was busy talking with my parents. I constantly gulped as I built some sentences and questions in Korean in my mind. I tried hard to remember what I've learnt in the morning. Fyi I hurriedly studied Korean real hard 3 days before the meeting.
Oh yes, Jerry can speak Bahasa very well!

Then it came to the part when my dad finally told him that his daughter was really interested in learning korean and the guy was extremely excited for dat. LOL i'm serious. He immediately asked me to show my korean books I brought that afternoon. He said, "Mana? Mana coba saya mau lihat!"

So then I let him read my favorite korean learning books, the ones I've posted on my previous post~ He said yeah the grammars taught on the books were the formal ones and some were considerably difficult.
The first thing I said was "천천히 말해주세요" which means "Please talk slowly(?)" yeah I said so when he started talking in Korean and I was all like "HUH???" I couldn't get what he was saying. K.

He really is a nice person!! Talkative and friendly~  and he smells good~lmao I don't know why but I really like korean guys with good fragrances.. lol I just felt really comfortable

First thing he did was writing down some sentences in Korean, introducing himself. There he said that my family was his family too and i felt happy to hear that ^^; and he hopes he could meet my family often~

Lol I like his writings cuz it looks so Korean(?) haha while mine looked awkward and uneasy! but he said my korean writing was pretty, even better than those friends of him who also learn Korean longer than me.

This is the book I brought that time~ bought it from 무궁화!

Anyway, he asked me to call him ahjussi at first XD lol but then my father said i'd better to call him as an older brother so I call him oppa , haha. Seriously this is my first time calling someone "oppa" in real life. 
He told me a long story about his life too. My favorite part was when he asked my mom to read a geography literature in Bahasa and mom understood it,making him amazed. That kind of literature has lot of difficult words that he doesnt understand~

We spent like 5 hours at the reastaurant. I was really stuffed, lol haha i ate calamari there, so delicious! After that we left the restaurant cause he was gonna be busy and needed to meet his college friend in the evening.

My speaking skill doesn't improve much but at least now i have more confidence to speak Korean. He said, confidence is the most important thing in learning languages. In the end he gave me his email so I can send message to him to keep in touch. At home, I sent my first email to him, yeay. And he replied it on the next day! Whoa so fast ^^; 
I haven't replied his mail cause I am really busy since school has just started. Even on the 3rd day we got homework already Sigh! 
I'm currently translating his mail, lol maybe I'll reply the mail tomorrow when I'm free.

That's all the things I could post about my real life today~ I'm so damn tired and gotta finish my social homework afterwards.


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