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Jay Park's Comeback - I Like 2 Party + Downloads
Tuesday, July 9, 2013 | 11:01 PM | 1 comments

Oh yes I'm back writing about my favorite idol's comeback! So yeah 2 of my ultimate biases make their comebacks this month! Sighhh my playlist would need more memory :D

Tbh I just woke up and watched his I Like 2 Party M/V after it was 2 hrs released. Damn it.. he's lookin so fine there omfg. I'm instantly overwhelmed and found myself fangirling hard


OKay.. i really love it how Jay dances! Must be a difficutl choreo I'm so gonna search anyone who'll cover this and start practicing too!

Yesshh I love the girls, lmao. I mean it's amazing that Jay used these muscular type girls to be his MV, thats just something different in KPOP aite! I always love foreign models featuring in Korean MVs! Niceeee Jay!!! eventho you actually need more shots of yourself than those girls' asses LOL

I'm going to share the album + download links!

Jay Park (박재범) - I Like 2 Party

Song Artist : Jay Park (박재범)
Album Type : Mini Album
Release Date : 2013.07.10
Genre : Dance Pop

Tracklist :

01. I Like 2 Party
02. HOT
03. 비밀 Secret
04. 다시 만나줘 Let’s Make Up


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