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Making Scrapbook! 스크랩북 만들기!
Sunday, March 10, 2013 | 10:22 PM | 1 comments

와쌉?! 누가 스크랩북을 만드는걸 좋아해??^_^ 지금 간단하면서도 아름다운 스크랩북을 어떻게 만든지 알릴게용~!!  어렵지않아요!

Actually I made my scrapbook for an English project of this year's holiday. I gotta say I never make a scrapbook before, but this time I have to... Today I went to my friend's house to make scrapbook together and we've bought the tools and the decorations before at the mall, Paper Studios. Yahoo~!! some decorations are very expensive but it's beautiful~ @-@ hehe... now let's make a scrap book together! Very simple !


Let's prepare these stuffs : 

- art paper (paper with decorative patterns/cuts for backgrounds and decoration)
- beads, ribbons, flowers (the cute ones!^^)
- stickers (a must!!)
- photos (choose ur favorites ones!)

Now sticks some of your photos on the art paper. All of them! Use your decoration tools too! make it beautiful :3
never forget to write some things to explain the picture you have sticked on. cute emoticon stickers are good!!

This is my scrapbook! 

Nice? ^_^ hehhee hope u like it! 

making scrapbooks is fun to do when you're having holiday or weekend! 녜녜녜녜녜~! ^ㅠ^

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