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Sociology Objects
Tuesday, February 19, 2013 | 10:17 PM | 0 comments

Hello~~~ First, I want to inform yall that I'm gonna make a summary for tomorrow's Sociology test!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋlol seriously I have no interest AT ALL to read these papers about 'the objects of sociology', therefore im gonna make it fun by re-writing em on my blog! Yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hopefully, this summary will be finished as soon as possible n may be able to be yalls' learning source(?)  

Remember, this's summary, so i'll omit some parts that i think it's not really important, lol 


To build a society, there are some provisions :

1. People that live together. In sociology, there's no limit of the number, teoritically , min 2 people who live together.

2. They have been living for a long time in a certain place. 

3. Everyone realizes thet they're one.

4. They are living togetehr and they make culture.


A. Family

Characteristics :

1. Formed by people who are united by wedlock, blood ties, or adoption.

2. They usually live together in one household.

3. Family is a one unite whose people have a deeper communication and interaction, each member has a status/role in a family.

4. They maintain the wider public culture. ex Toraja families' culture is same as Toraja's culture in general. 


> Family Disorganization

Examples of family disorganization are :

1. Family unit is incomplete due to the relationship out of marriage.

2. Divorce, estranged.

3. The existence of communication breakdown among family members.

4. Crisis due to the death of a family member, punishment, or war.

5. Internal factor that causes family crisis such as mental disorders of one of the family member.

Family disorganizations can occur either in primitive societies or modern societies.

a. Family disorganizations in primitive societies happen when the husband as the patriarch fails to fulfill the family's primary needs, or is married again. This usally happens because of the struggle of culture adaption.

b. Family disorganizations in modern societies is usually known as 'broken home'. It happens due to the conflict of social role of racial discrimination, religion, and other socioeconomic factors.

B. Kinship

Kinship is a social unit where the people have genealogical relationships. One is considered as a relative due the existence of the consanguineous relation with ego


Association is a social unit that is based by public/common interest. They have function, specific purpose, norms, and status of property rights.

Association is a formal group, which has firm rules created by the members to decide  the leader, dues collection, etc.

D. Neighborhood

Neighborhood is simply a localized community. No closer relationship after family, and kinship. Even sometimes neighbors are closer with us, more than the kinship relatives. In case of emergency or disaster, the first people who know and give help are the people around us, the neighbors.

How to maintain neighborhood relationship :

a. Be friendly.

b. Avoid the matters that cause conflict and dissapointment, such as littering in the neighbor's yard, making noises, mocking and gossiping the neighbors, etc.

c. Be happy with neighbors' happiness. Come to their party or ceremony when you're invited.

d. Be responsible and keep the respect on everything happens on our neighbors.

e. Commiserate with the disasters that happen to them.


arts by mizunoamour 

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