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HIPHOP OR DIE - Simplicity
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 | 4:25 AM | 0 comments

Gotta tell yall that I'm so into POLYVORE lately since my friend Lydia introduced me about the site! Hehehhe.. I'm a newbie fashion lover(?) Actually I love fashion stuffs but I didn't really show it to people  I'm dressing quite fashionably , people said. But tbh I find myself so simple in dressing, I don't know.. maybe my taste is lovable yet simple.
Since my English is kinda broken , let's end this useless talk ! Hehehe..
SO, what I am trying to tell you is, I'm gonna start posting my favorite fashion sets (Polyvore) on this blog. My favorite ONES! kkkk

Tadaahh~! First set goes to Hiphop-themed set, since I love hiphop style so much!
I also put the catalog of the items if you're interested with the items ^^

HIPHOP OR DIE - Simplicity

H M lace tee
$13 -

Blink platform high heels
$82 -



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