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New Business !!! : Online Fancy Shop
Monday, April 11, 2011 | 6:19 AM | 0 comments

Guess....! What would I write now! Yes, you're right! I'd open a business, an online fancy shop. I used to discuss about this with two my friends this morning, Stella and Ratna.
Yeah, here is the list of what would we sell at the shop:

  • Keychain (handmade by ourself, made from clay, plastic, etc)
  • T-Shirt (the specialist is Ratna! We'll use screen printing to decorate the t-shirt. Accepts any requests)
  • Origami, modified (Stella will be the specialist of this product , made from newspaper, carton, and recycled materials.)
  • Clay sculpture (the specialist is me. Made from jumping clay, or school clay. Can be used for display or decoration)
  • Canvas shoes (we will paint the canvas shoes and make it beautiful and stylish. Available in various motives such as polkadot, flowery, stripy, checky, comical, and abstract)
  • Canvas bag (picture by request)
  • Jewelries : bracelet, earrings, necklace, bandana, hair pin, ring (made from clay, beads)
  • Soulmate/couple/best friends accessories : bracelet, necklace, t-shirt, keychain, dolls
  • Handkerchief (handmade)
  • Purse/wallet (handmade)
  • Flannel dolls/towel dolls (handmade)
  • HP case (handmade)
  • Diary, notes (handmade)
  • Wallpaper (by request)
  • Graphics : quotes, couple, feeling, name, smiley, say HI, insult, blinkies, icons/logo, photographs
  • Edited banner/twitter badge/Facebook badge/website, etc (by request)
  • Stylish stuffs/things, fashion things, school things, food, souvenirs (this is only for promotion and show off what we have^^ not for sale)
  • Tutorials (not for sale of course) : photoshop, origami, blackberry, clay sculpt, download and install, manga/drawing, coloring, science/math
  • Siggies and avatar for forumotion (by request)
  • Stitchs/knits
  • Photo frame (handmade)

yeah, those are all what we'd sell on our online shop ^^


Happy shopping !! :)

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