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[REVIEW] LINE Pokopang + Tips
Friday, November 8, 2013 | 9:01 AM | 2 comments

Hello sweeties!
I'm going to review one of the games that I'm addicted to lately today. Some of you must've heard of this game called Pokopang, right?
This game is developed by LINE Corp. I bet most of you play one of LINE games on your phone. Who doesn't love these games by LINE which have extremely fun, colourful and cute characters in it?

Just like the other gems-matching games, Pokopang is very simple. You just need to connect at least 3 blocks with the same color to defeat the monsters. 

Storyline & how to play : There are monsters who are invading the pink bunny and his friends' village and your duty is to defeat the monsters by connecting the blocks. Each block has its attack value and you can upgrade it using cherries. The longer the blocks you connect, the more damages you give to the monsters. You can also summon a powerful super bomb when connecting more than 8 blocks.

There are two kinds of bombs
1. Fire Bomb : eliminate blocks in lines vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.
2. Powerful Super Bomb : eliminate a wide range of blocks radially.

To connect the blocks, just simply tap the block then drag your finger to the other same-colored blocks. The blocks you've connected will explode and give damages to the monster. Every monster has its lifespan so some monsters need more damages to be fully beaten.

During the play, you'll be helped by an animal block. Animal block has higher attack value (600-3000) and it can only be used when you position it to the bottom of the blocks area by eliminating the blocks below the animal block. You can have up to 3 animal blocks. There's only 1 slot of animal block in the first time playing the game, but you can buy 2 more slots using gems
Animal blocks can only be summoned randomly, 6000 cherries for each chance. So you have to be lucky to have an animal with a high attack value.

You may upgrade your attack block, too. It's very useful. Every upgrade costs a higher amount of cherries.

It costs 1 clover for one game. There are 5 slots of clover, but it doesn't mean you can only play 5 times. Having more than 5 clovers can be done by receiving clovers either you requested or you get from your friends. A clover normally will be restored after 12 minutes. Each game lasts for 60 seconds so you have to be quick in playing it.

Before playing one game, you're usually given some power-up items you want to you use in the game. Every item has its speciality and definitely costs various amount of cherries depending on its impact in the game process.

Rainbow Bomb : eliminate blocks with the same color which has been chosen randomly.
Extra Time : extend playing time by 5 seconds.
Delete 1 Color : delete blocks of one color. The less the number of block colors you have, the easier it gets to connect a long line of blocks.
Powerful Super Bombs Boost : all bombs will become powerful super bombs.
Friend's Help (costs 20 Friend Points) : get help from your friends' animals.

There 2 special items which can only be owned by spinning a candy machine (picture above).
Item 1 : change the blocks' colors into some special patterns.
Item 2 : attack block tripled and lasts for 10 secs.

Monsters :
Monsters don't actually affect you. It sometimes can be either a helper or profanity.

Missions :
It's daily and all missions in this game are considerably easy. Very simple and easy, I can say. not really challenging. Your mission is either to defeat some monsters, defeat a certain monster, or get specified point values. No time limit!

Graphics :
It's basically 2D graphics with various depths, gradients, drop-shadows, and embossing effect. Very colorful and adorable. The buttons are all bubbly and squishy-looking. The animation of the monsters themselves is simple, while the bombs & animals attack effect is pretty crowded.

Pricing : 
Because Pokopang is a game which has dual currencies (cherries & gems) that don't grow quickly without a long process of the play, people usually want an instant way to have more of them, especially gems. It certainly has In-App-Purchase which means you might spend your real money to buy more gems, because gems are difficult to get.

Downloads : 
You can download LINE Pokopang for free from AppStore or GooglePlay. Download here (AppStore). This game has been downloaded by more than 1 million people.


Ways to get cherries :
  • Invite your LINE friends to play Pokopang (+1000 cherries) *recommended, this's the quickest and easiest way!*
  • Play the bonus stage when your mission is accomplished.
  • Connect more than 3 blocks. (1 block = 1 cherry, so when you connect 5 blocks you'll get 2 cherries)

Ways to get gems :
  • Reach a higher level (+1 gem)
I currently have any other ideas about getting more gems 

Game Tips

  1. COMBO - This's one of the most important things you need to know when playing Pokopang. You can have combo by connecting blocks (8 times) quickly. Don't take too much time or the combo will break. Identify the combo process, the sound of the blocks' explosion will get higher every time you connect them subsequently. During the combo, the background music accelerates. 
  2. BOMBS USAGE - This point is related to the combo point in number 1. Bombs are most effective used during the combo. You're NOT suggested to accumulate bombs in the end of the game which has an extra time to explode all the remained bombs. People usually expect for a higher score by accumulating bombs in the end of the game. Note this, without combo, you may only score around 4000 while using bombs during combo can increase your chance to score up to 40,000. Use bombs only when your combo level is high because it has more amount of scores to get. Furthermore, bombs are best used when they are positioned in the middle of the blocks area. Therefore they'll eliminate more blocks around when exploded.
  3. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS - Like the one I've stated before, this is pretty much the quickest way to get more cherries! You can only invite a friend once. The more friends you have in your Line contact, the more chance you'll get to swim in cherries! 
  4. INVEST CHERRIES FOR ATTACK BLOCKS - After inviting your friends and getting more cherries, it's the best to invest them for attack blocks. Keep upgrading your attack block.
  5. GIVE CLOVERS TO YOUR FRIENDS - Every time you give a clover to a friend, you'll get 1 friend point that you can accumulate and use to 'borrow' your friend's animal block. It's your luck to get an animal with a high attack damage because it's all randomized.
  6. USE ALL POWER UP ITEMS - How much are you willing to sacrifice to succeed? Lol. In this case you want either the highest score you can get or #1 place among your friends. Get a discount by buying a pack of 4 main power-up items. Don't forget to 'borrow' your friend's animal block.
  7. EASY SWIPING - Make sure your finger is dry! Because when your finger is dry, it's easier for you to move your finger quickly on the screen and get a combo, right?
  8. MAKE LONG LINES - You'll have many chances to make a long line of blocks. Be fast when deciding the longest line you can link. You may only connect 3 blocks when you're running out of time because you can no longer see any long lines that can possibly be linked. Linking more than 3 blocks will give you cherries as many as the extra blocks you connect, not including the first 3 blocks. Linking more than 8 blocks will turn the cherries into blueberries (1 blueberry = 10 cherries) and give you a powerful super bomb.
I'm currently in level 55 with the highest score of 4,033,491 

Overall, just be smart and fast in playing Pokopang. There are limits and priorities in every aspect. For example, what should I invest my gems for? It's you who decide.

So those are some tips I can give for yall  Hopefully this helps you to maximize your achievement! I'm very welcome if you want to add or correct my review and tips! Fyi, I'll be reviewing more fun and addicting games in the future!

*All screenshots belong to me.

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