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[Tutorial] How to attach images/GIFs on your website
Thursday, June 27, 2013 | 12:58 AM | 0 comments

THING that you must know is all gif/picture has their URL!
When you're attaching it somewhere that supports HTML, use code:
<img src="YOUR PIC/GIF URL">
The code img src stands for "image source", so you always have to put your image's source/URL. If you want to make a hyperlink, put this code along with your picture:

Change the picture code into your text if you want a hyperlinked text.

When you're going to attach it on forum post, use BB code:

[img]YOUR PIC/GIF URL[/img] 

Put [url]and[/url] along with your code if you want it to be hyperlinked.

"Now, how do I find my picture's URL? I can't see dat!! image "
  • If your image is from the internet, right-click your image and choose copy image URL or open image in new tab. Then your image's URL will be shown on your address bar!
  • If your image is located on your device, upload your image on any image hosting website (my favorites are and then follow the instruction and you'll get your code. Find your URL in Direct Link section.
  • Simpler way, drag your image to the address bar. The URL will be shown there.
If in case you're too lazy and having to get your work done as soon as possible *lol?* that you don't wanna bother copying your images' URLs one by one into your HTML text box bcz it'll be too crowded and looks very complicated, THEN try this method :
  • First off, this method only works when you're working on the post box that provides compose and HTML textboxes like Blogger. 
  • Right-click your image, choose copy image.
  • Paste it down to the compose section.
  • Done!  
If you go to the HTML section, your pasted image will be automatically shown as the codes. You can edit it if you want~

This is actually the simplest tutorial ever XD even I didn't show any screencaps for this tutorial~ I shall not have posted this tutorial necessarily because anyone can actually learn this thing so easily! 


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