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Say Hello To the Mascot ^^
Sunday, June 30, 2013 | 3:33 AM | 4 comments

Aah it's been long time since I stopped learning how to make GIFs because I was too frustrated to even learn more cz I ALWAYS failed to make a perfect GIF :face4: 헐! ㅋㅋㅋ
It's really hard you know :6:, I'm not talking about video GIFs, they are way easier to make! But the gifs that you have to draw your own then make it into frames and animate it, gaaahhh, super hardd , at least for me :face22: I'm not even skilled to make pixel arts, which usually are used by gif animators to make an amazing gif. Huft huft

I've also been thinking of making my blog's own mascot anyway :face15: I haven't named her but it's a bunny + a kitten! Tehehehe !

I made her as a GIF for my practice and it turned out like this :


I know it looks gross people yeah yeah calm down haha :') stop insulting me!! :''( *talks to wall* hehe..
I just want to have my own characters , yeah originality above all~ Maybe I'm soon going to replace all smileys with my own smileys ㅋㅋ BUT be patient! I'm a good procrastinator. lol

Btw I just frickin luv the "shaky" effect on the gifs, do you notice it? hmm Pusheen the Cat inspired me alot!

Here is Pusheen the Cat :

damnnn , Pusheen is way cuter and more adorable than my mascot , lmao indeed :face13:
I really have no idea how to make that shaky effect on the gif, I'd be really happy and grateful if anyone can explain to me how to make it. I feel like crying looking at my own GIF whose shaky effects are TOO MUCH and it seems like the rabbit is sinking in the water :face23:

I'm so done aaarghh , I was once tryna give off happiness to myself by making simple gifs but adorable! At least I can produce one :(

Kaomoji GIF :
Aww it's the easiest shaky GIF to make i think! I was planning on making the tutorial for this GIF on Photoshop but I realizes I'm not good yet *cries* People need tutorials from a master, don't they? :6:

And you can see on 마이배너, I also made 2 Pixel GIFs of my screen name, hehe they are my favorites this far! I must say I am so proud of them *sighhhh* lol. You can grab em when exchanging banner with me image The "Find me on" area, you can also see instagram, twitter, and facebook icons, they are also the gifs i made by myself. ㅎㅎ The Facebook one looks odd btw haha

Last one!! You can comment on this post below if you have suggestion for me what to name my mascot XD

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