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NEW CREATION ★ Brand New Start
Thursday, June 27, 2013 | 7:36 AM | 0 comments

Wassup guys!
It's been a long time (again) I haven't posted my art here~ There are lot of improvements I can say! 
I really enjoy drawing animes on SAI Paint Tool nowadays. It's just fun image Ahh.. thanks to my friends who asked me to draw all my classmates' chibis! was not finished cuz few days before the deadline, I got chickenpox image That was terrible!!! I was so suffered, staying in a whole day for days (it felt like yearsss) and smearing the salicyl powder + ointment to my body, like EVERY PART OF MY BODY. Tiring nuff, huh!
The vesicles were such a pain when I touched it ,, uhhh damn image You can imagine that I got to sleep with those bubbly spots in entire body and they might be broken out whenever my bed presses against my skin surface.

Hahah okay back to the main story~ so yeah I couln't submit my chibis to my friends ㅠㅠ I was really sorry about that~ I only finished 5 characters of my classmates! Sigh...

Now i'm gonna post my first anime I drew with SAI Paint Tool~ tehehehe this is actually for my colouring practice~ sketch/pose is made by Doodl3z on DeviantArt~ it's really painful to colour the hair! Thats why the hair looks awkward and dull here image

View on my DeviantArt! Please leave comment or favorite :p

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