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Routine Practices
Sunday, August 3, 2014 | 8:25 AM | 8 comments

Kyaah~ how I miss drawing already! Time for more doodle drills!!!
I'm just addicted to writing graffiti lately, hehehe. Not the real graffiti by spray cans, but writing them on paper. I'm still not used to spray cans tbh and really really want to try it someday. The real graffiti!

My dance friend who's a bboy is apparently a good writer too! He likes drawing too, beside dancing of course. And goddammit his drawing skill is so asdfghjkl! Especially strong male characters! Dope!

Sitting alone on Sunday and drawing... Here are some of my scraps lol

I wrote my bestie's bgirl name (Xiahki) using Faber Castell markers and colour pencils ^^

A bit of semi-realistic drawings! Need to practice way harder because my characters' faces always seem awkward and odd 

Eye studiiieeessss!  Forever be my favorite yet challenging part in anatomy.

Yep that's all! Hhahaha sorry for posting a super short post, I'm just bored now and hope you still like it! 

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