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♥ My First Photoshoots ♥
Monday, July 28, 2014 | 9:39 PM | 2 comments


After few months not updating the blog, I want to post some past moments to share with you all! I'm sorry for procrastinating too much, lol. I know this's hard to overcome hehehe

Last week I got a call from my crew friend, Stevina, who has just started an online store on Instagram (xtyle_store) to sell her secondhand fashion stuffs that she doesn't want to wear anymore. The clothes are still fresh and clean. Just like the new ones.

Ah yea and then she asked me to be the model for her online store, wearing the clothes she wants to sell. Wow, seriously I was shocked, I mean, I'm so NOT into modeling stuffs. What to do with this fat body......

I didn't accept the offer(?) that day. I considered it again, and in the end I accepted it. LOL I think the photos could have so many likes if I post it on my Instagram, why not?

I might not have a body like VS models' but at least I am not like Fat Amy(?) I can still look RATHER good in some types of clothes *not mentioning mini skirt or tight clothes*

Here are some photos taken during photoshoots. ...... Some poses might look AWKWARD because I'm an amateur at this... sorry! AND some bad quality photos because she took these photos with phone.








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