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Performances at Mall @Alam Sutera
Thursday, April 17, 2014 | 7:40 AM | 0 comments

Hello guys
I'm finally here to post a new entry about my last week's dance performance. ㅋㅋ I'm very excited to tell everything to you guys  hehehe..!
The event is called EGGciting Easter and was held from March 28 until April 20 2014. Anyway, have I told you guys that I'm now taking hiphop course at O2 Dance School? Actually I had taken the course over a year ago but I quited for a while. Then I reregistered there because my friend was interested in joining the course, too, after watching a dance performance performed by our younger schoolmates. Yay, a comeback. After that, on March, I joined the breakdance class. I really don't know what makes me want to join that class because girls don't usually pick out that choice, haha. But it's interesting though. I've been a bboy fangirl, you know, and it's never wrong to try learning a bit of it.

My hiphop teacher, Kak Monche asked us to perform in that event on Saturday, April 5 It was okay at first until I realized that my breakdance teacher Kak Adit also asked his students to perform on Saturday, April 12. Ya! So that means I have to perform twice  I'm not really used to performing things... I have that stage-fever lol. I may forget everything I've remembered when I'm on stage. So I tried to calm myself a bit.

My hiphop crew, Leatheraux, was supposed to feel lucky because there were only 4 picked groups to perform in the event, and we can say we're still very basic among the other crews who performed. But once again it doesn't matter, though. It's pretty cool, actually. Despite the fact that I needed to wear neon costumes again, URGH. I just hate neon colors cuz they look terrible on me lol. I then borrowed a neon pink jacket from Fani, the oldest member in Lx. I tried to have it on myself eventhough it's a bit too small for me. Fani has a petite body, that's why

It was not my first performance. This one was the second after O2 Dance School's yearly event Ozone. And it was my third performance, if I include the first performance in Ozone 2 years ago. although I've performed more than once, I'm still not used to it

We performed pretty well. I did a mistake, yes. UGH not a big mistake actually, just an unrecognizable one. Haha! Plus, I was constantly seen busy with my snapback that's always going to take off by itself because it's loosened, phew.
Kak Monche couldn't attend the event cuz she was going to her relative's wedding party. So, another teacher, Kak Bogel was in charge to arrange the performance rundown.

The second performance was a week later. This time I would perform twice for hiphop and breakdance. My bboy crew, Break Beat was going to be the last performer that night. I was like aaaaaaa panic! I arrived at the spot like 4 hours earlier and practiced my choreos. The hiphop choreo was the same as the one before, just different blockings. What made me nervous the most was the choreo for breakdance perf. Oh, not that one! More exactly, my freestyle choreo  I was extremely afraid of forgetting my set or worse, having my freeze crashed. Gooooddddd, I just want this to end already.

It ended. IT finally ended. The anxiety I had been holding for hours had finally been released. LOL I could loudly say that I was haaappppyyyyy after my last performance that day. Finally, finally, fnally, finally, finally.............

I was very happy when I could hear my friends were screaming my name very loudly to show support. They really boosted my self confidence. Oh, how I love you guys  Plus, knowing that some hot guys were there too really made me delighted. OK sorry, just few cool boys I'm acquainted with...haha. After the performance, some young kids were giving us their hands, as if we're their idols, we don't even know them but we feel so excited to respond them.

I performed well. Hm, not really well actually after I watched the video my friend recorded for me. EWWW, I didn't even seem like dancing on the stage LOL I was THAT bad. OMG   Hhhahahahahha.. well at least I did my best.. wait, not my best. My practice was actually way better than my perf on the stage. But what to do, hahaha if only I could turn back time, just a few mins ago, I'd perform better. huh.

BONUS pictures of me and my crews in the event, yay?!



Some of my girl friends were fighting(?) to have a selfie with my brother LOL but I'd just come with pics of them with my brother together, plus me.


Just some selfies... ah! I finally took a selfie together with this handsomey kiddey Joel!

Yay, with Kak Monche! Look at her silly expression

a selfie with the only lady in Break Beat!

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