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2014 Summer Holiday Post
Wednesday, July 30, 2014 | 8:41 AM | 0 comments

Although it's been a few weeks after the holiday ended, It's never wrong to post a bit of it. That's great holiday I spent with my besties. I've never gone on a holiday with my friends before. I'll mainly post pictures for this holiday post. So I went to Bali with my friends Stevina, Joan, and Joel, and of course my mom. They are all my dance friends, we all go to the same dance school, O2.

We stayed in Sanur Beach Hotel Bali for 5 days but I don't really remember how I spent those 5 days... lol I mean, I just remember some of the moments.

First destination was Monkey Forest. I don't have really good photos taken here because I was scared the monkeys would snatch our camera, lol. Most of the time we recorded some videos with my GoPro camera while doing this and that. All the videos have been put in one video made and edited by Stevina.

Second destination was... wait I don't remember, haha my bad. The only thing I know was we went shopping quite a lot here. There was a shop named Makassi and they sell so many unique stuffs and I was so eager to buy all of them. Concerning so little money I got, I only bought 2 pairs of super cute earrings. Pictures of the earrings will be posted on Holiday Hauls post soon

The girls shopped way more than me tbh. But I think Joel didn't shop anything that day. That little boy could be actually happy without shopping, unlike us. I swear everything looks way more beautiful and interesting to buy in Bali. Bali is beautiful, so are the things inside. Although I could have a pair of Puma shoes in Jakarta, but buying them in Bali can't seem wrong. lol jk. Actually the sales are crazy there that time. Over 50% off. Sooooo many discounts and the girls & I just can't resist.

The sky was getting dark and we just arrived forget. There were some outlets selling all sport stuffs. This was were I bought my Puma for a very cheap price, about IDR 250.000 ~ Who can resist that cheap price for a pair of Puma shoes. The shoes are..... *continuing in hauls post later XD*
Stevina also bought a pair of shoes, Airwalk. Pretty ones

Didn't mention we also went to Beach Walk? A super duper big discount in Love Diva store! The girls were going crazy, real crazy. No kidding, real price: US$13 --> US$1. That's the craziest price decrease, I think. I will be posting what I bought from that store on my upcoming haul post.

@Wakai store, Beach Walk

There was also a large space in the middle of the mall and it's outdoors. Pretty cool place for clubbing(?) the lightning is just like ones in a discotique. Joel and I breakdanced for a while there, gaining people attention *i guess?* not really a breakdance, just some ugly footworks and light-speed handstands. sigh. Please do check Stevina's Instagram for a video recorded there.

We also accidentally found CPDK store! In Legian area, I guess? OMG. I was so happy eventho there was nothing I bought from that store because the prices are sick. But the snapbacks, tshirts, and shoes are super kool!

We went home very late. As soon as we arrived, we made cup noodles because of the hunger, editing photos taken during the tiring yet fun day.

On the second day we went to enjoy watersport in Nusa Dua! This day was actually the last day for Joel and Joan spending the holiday because they had been here earlier than us.

We also went to Pulau Penyu with Glass bottom boat. Pretty cool! We could see the bottom of the boat through the glass, there were seaweeds and small fishes there. I recorded some videos but there wasn't so much we could see.

I constantly took selfies and my friends taking selfies, haha. We really enjoyed this moment.

Selfies taken before going to Pulau Penyu.

Messy hair ; v ;

So bad that we had to drop Joel and Joan by the airport because they had to go home. We were supposed to have lunch but there wasn't more time left for them.

So that Stevina and I spent the rest of the day.. We had lunch at the restaurant named Hotel Mexicola. What a really cool place! Here are some photos taken there..

#ootd lol

ootd in my freshly bought New York lace tee(?)



I am not going to write more about my holiday on the third day and so on. It's already late here and now I'm going to sleep. Here some of my beach photos(?) and the videos recorded at the beach.

Beaches are the best place for photo sessions, aren't they? 

I got you, Sun!


Nice-filtered one!

Stevina, you were the bomb!

Love this #ootd!

*le adores the perfect shots of water splashes*


vvvvvvvv remaking Far East Movement's The Illest in 15 seconds!

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