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New Look!
Friday, August 1, 2014 | 10:51 AM | 2 comments


Accompanied by a cup of coffee in the late night, alone, here I'm feeling satisfied with my new look! Just some little changes ::
New sidebar  ALOHA (Giving short welcome messages) and new online visitor counter from FC2. First time trying FC2 counters~ it has large choices of designs! 
ABOUT  Now I put my selfie icon there kkkk.. New visitor counters as well. I also put 'Rate My Blog' feature and new Follow button!
FONTS  Noticing my sidebar fonts is now different and tinier? Yay! Currently addicted to pixel fonts.. hehe 
BG CHOOSER  Now choose your favorite background for my blog, just click on your favorite one in the ALOHA sidebar.
CBOX  I've finally found the perfect location for my Cbox! Brand new look! It's now located on the right side of the blog, just click on the bunny! appears! My Cbox has new look too now! Love it? 
NO MORE  Back to top icon on the right bottom corner, Aimee and the clock. I don't think these are necessary. Why must I put a clock while my visitors can simply see what time it is from their device, lol.
MISC  Check out my CLIQUES page! It now has new feature 'RESOURCES' where I put some of my favorite sources for web graphics! 

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