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[Artworks] New DeviantArt Updates
Monday, August 4, 2014 | 9:00 AM | 9 comments

OMG! This is my 2nd post for today.... OK.. too productive today lol. BUT, this post might be the last post before I start my hiatus since I'm 12th grader now, and... there are gonna be lot of stuffs to do.. such as homeworks, school projects, and shits. Haha, yall gunna miss me or not?

Anyway I'm still opening request for icons during hiatus Don't worry, making icons doesn't take long time!

It's been months since I uploaded my last deviation on my DeviantArt account. I have two new deviations I made for Manga Class final project at school. I'll be posting the drawings, hehe. Not that good actually, I'm soooooooo terrible at colouring. Goddammit, why can't my colorings be as perfect as those I watched on Youtube? Lels.

1st artwork :: Santa Ursula Manga Class Portfolio Cover

Portfolio Cover by pinkshoo on deviantART

I made this deviation after my final manga project as an additional project. Since I still had more free time at home, I decided to make a cover for my school's manga class portfolio.

Duhh the coloring looks so awkward, no matter how hard I tried to make it look more realistic. No matter how hard I tried to follow the awesome tutorials on Youtube. No matter... lol but I'm improving much better than before I can say. Take a look at my old drawings on my Deviantart, they are so horrible, lmao.

 2nd artwork :: Manga Class Final Project
Desserts Maids by pinkshoo on deviantART

 This maid twins drawing was made for final project last year The students were asked to make any kind of anime drawing, can be either manual or digital. I needed to practice more seriously to draw digitally so I decided to draw this in digital, hehe. All the drawings I made with SAI Paint Tool

 Late year of 2014, I plan on opening a drawing commission on Deviantart so that I can earn money from drawing! I'm going to practice real hard after the graduation and then try my first time opening an art commission, or maybe art trade with any professional artists! OMG hope my dreams come true...

Any question? Comment on this post.

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