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[Things I Do] When I Am Bored
Friday, November 27, 2015 | 7:01 AM | 0 comments

Since when I come up with a post like this? Well, I guess I'm going to use this blog for writing about my personal life for a while, before starting posting stuffs that are more worth reading for public. Let's say this kind of post is easier to write because it's really based on my everyday life. Please give me some love, I'm restarting my blogging life haha :D

I'm a person that can get bored easily, either it's because of repeated activities or just having nothing to do. Nothing? LOL Actually I got so much to do everyday, it's just like I don't know what, where, or how to start and then start to think I'm getting bored because there's nothing to do. When it comes to the times I got nothing to do, I usually begin to do these below things...naturally. Well, I'm being honest writing this.

  1. Applying Lip Balm
  2. My lips get dry fastly, especially during cold season. I hate seeing my lips chapped, they just look gross. When my lips are dry, my lip gloss or tints don't appear well on my lips. Maybe that's why I like buying lip balms, they're considerably cheap and very handy. I have some from various brands and they're always placed around on my desk!
  3. Collecting Screenshots from Instagram
  4. There are a lot of great sources of inspirations on Instagram that come from artists, fanbases, celebrities, models, or common people with great sense of art and aesthetic trends! Hahaha. I like to see my explore page all the time because I always stumble upon really good pictures that can go well with my imagination. I won't miss it! I will always keep the screeshots since IG doesn't let users save images. I actually have a private album on my Facebook that I use to store screenshoted images.
  5. Trimming Eyebrows
  6. I guess this is the main reason why my brows are getting shorter....without me realizing! Actually this is a bad habit if I do this too frequently, but I just can't stand with the random growing hair around my brows, and if I get carried away a little trimming it, that can cause problems! XD
  7. Trying out New Apps
  8. AppStore is my favorite app(?) to browse more and more interesting and innovative applications. I've downloaded so many applications and tried them then deleted them all if I find them not really necessary. If there is a really good app that can make at least one important thing in my life easier to do, I would keep it. I usually browse apps from the featured page in the AppStore, these can really kill time, and my phone memory as well.
  9. Making DIY Trashbins
  10. Well, I only use any kind of product boxes or containers then stick it with transparent duct tape on the edge of my desk. That's much more convenient for me than having to get my ass off the chair to put the trash on the trash can in the corner of my room. That's really not calories-burning lol
  11. Applying Sheet Masks
  12. This is a really fun thing to do! Using sheet mask can be really refreshing to the face~ and it can also give nutritions to the skin. I like to lay down in my bed with the mask on and have few minutes nap.
  13. Translating Korean Stickers
  14. This sounds weird but I find this fun and useful, lol. Since I'm a Korean language student, knowing some slang words or abbreviations in Korean can help me add a bit of fun when talking with Korean friends.
  15. Calling My Bestie
  16. I guess many people do this when they're bored? I call my bestie when I'm bored then tell them I'm bored. I will ask her how's life and so on.
  17. Planning On Future IG Feed Themes
  18. Having a neat, arranged, and pleasant to the eye Instagram feed is a must for me. It's not a burden for me to organize all the pictures I post and make them look beautiful together. It makes me happy and it can also boost up likers and followers, lol. I have an app called PictureSets where I put the pictures I would post on Instagram in the future and arrange them so that I know which picture I have to post first in order to make all of them go well together.
  19. Taking Random Photos and Posting Them Temporarily On Instagram (SPAMMING lol)
  20. If you've been following me on Instagram, you must have been seeing my spam photos which are totally not going well with other pictures on my feed. When I post those random pictures, it's actually because I feel like posting it(?) I mean I'm in the mood for telling people what kind of situation I have at the moment. For example when I was waiting for my friend to come, I posted pictures of my surroundings and captioned it with my friends' usernames, etc. 
     Those are probably the things I can remember so far There might be some other things I refuse to tell you guys, lol. How about yours?

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