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Thursday, April 30, 2015 | 9:57 AM | 0 comments

Dear lovelies~
I hope yall are still around but I guess some of you might have left this blog because of the infrequency of updates these past few months. I am really sorry for leaving this blog so long since my last update on December. I was having my super busy school weeks starting January since I was in my 3rd year of senior high school and would be having a lot of exams and daily try outs until the very last ones; national exams.

I ain't gonna talk about how those hectic weeks really tortured me, and how my friends treated me that I just wanted to end my schooldays very soon. What I have to focus on now is that I am going to prepare for the university tests which I will take to enter my desired university in Seoul, yay! I myself have changed quite a lot as an individual person and become more independent than before. I used to depend a lot on my parents even when doing little things. I know I have to become more mature and more ingenious as a support for living in another country without my family around. My father has been helping so much in developing the better things in me and he is now teaching me to drive, hehe.

Beside making better changes in myself, I also prepared many things that I am going to bring to study and live in Korea, and other stuffs which I am going to have as the supporters of the learning process in the university. This is the part I really love because I will have the chance to 'renew' all the things I have or don't have since the beginning! I finally have my own powerbank, haha, so that I don't have to borrow my father's or my brother's again which will give them burden. New stationeries, jewelries, planners, and many more! I also borrowed some Korean books from Korean Culture Centre library in Jakarta. I planned on translating some contents in the book while learning the language as well. I have also continued memorizing some vocabularies randomly from a flashcard set I bought in Periplus few years ago. I wrote on my daily task that I got to memorize 5 cards a day but I only have like 40 cards learned after a month lol..

Although there are a lot of things I have done for the preparation, I still have to take TOEFL and TOPIK tests. And I'm a bit nervous lol. I did some researches about TOPIK test on Google and did a practice for TOPIK level 1. Bam! I could only answer few questions right, and that's not good ofc hahah lol. Well I know I'm still very basic but I've been learning Korean since in 3rd year junior high -_- yeah not that intensive and guided since I learned it by myself and nobody helped me that time hahaha poor me.

Talking about studying in Korea, I remembered having one or two accounts of Naver and Daum. Unfortunately I can't access my Naver account because it's been so long not logged in and I had to type the name I used when registering but I couldn't remember. I've tried inputing any possible names that I might have used for registering. That just didn't work at all. I had no idea.. what name did I use then -_- I really regret abandoning the account cuz that's for my personal use and the ID is the same ID I've been using for other social accounts, so that's just a big loss to me. Gladly I can still access the Daum one and I still like Naver's blog better.

Lastly, I made a new Naver account and this time my ID is shorter. It's still hard to accept the fact that my previous ID is officialy gone :( until I input the right name of course. As a recovery, I forced myself to get excited with the new blog managing. I then made a new blog and decorated it with simple touches knowing that Naver blog doesn't give wide access to customize every section detailedly. I guess I wouldn't have to take much time to design the blog but this time I gotta make my blog valuable from what's written in it, not again how it's beautifully designed like this blog, haha. This blog is quite pretty but the content is trashy and not valuable -_- hahaha

I think I'm done for today's post. I have no remaining ideas about what to write again in this post~ if there's any new update, I promise I will update my blog pretty soon! I have so much free time now since I'm already on holiday, counting to graduation day and more free days coming up! Yay I'm happy lol :3

Anyway! Visit my new blog on Naver : blog

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