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February's Make Up & Clothing Hauls
Friday, May 1, 2015 | 12:11 AM | 1 comments

두둥~! %EC%A2%8B%EC%95%84%20%EB%8F%99%EA%B8%80%EC%9D%B4
I know it's kinda late to post about hauls from February. Well, I don't care though. I decided to make a haul post (my first one ofc XD) right after the package arrived. But I ended up procrastinating it again and the reason is I was having some try out exams, lol. It was followed by final exams and national exams and again I postponed to make the haul post. HAHA I guess I have too many excuses about it I was just lazy, sorry %ED%99%94%EB%82%A8%20%EB%85%B8%EB%9E%80%20%EB%8F%99%EA%B8%80%EC%9D%B4

I had just arrived home when I saw the package on the terrace, lied down poorly on the grass. The postman must've thrown it into my terrace and it landed there. Marching toward the package with glittering eyes, I immediately picked it up and brought it in.

As usual, this is how the package looked like! I'm very excited to open it soon %EC%A2%8B%EC%95%84

Then I unwrapped the plastic outer to reveal the brown packet inside. 

Sorry I blurred my address and phone number cuz I don't want yall to stalk me home, lol wtf %EA%BF%88%EB%BB%91%EA%BF%88%EB%BB%91

Since the brown wrap is made of paper, it's easy to open the brown package and here it is...the treasure I've been looking for! 

It's still magically wrapped by the bubble wrap! Thank God I have a new toy now.. Guess I will take my time to play with the bubble wrap first before finally inspecting each product inside %EB%88%88%EB%AC%BC

It took some time to unwrap the bubble-wrapped package since the surface is coated by transparent tape all over it..such a hardwork.

This is the first product that caught my eye since this is my first time buying make up product with specific purpose; as in this picture below Etude House Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker is specified for making cute eyes by darkening and highlighting the under area of the eyes to make them look puffy 

Here is the official swatch and tutorial how to use it from Etude House :

Pretty interesting, eh? %EC%A2%8B%EC%95%84%20%EB%8F%99%EA%B8%80%EC%9D%B4 I know my eyes are kinda puffy already but I think this thing will be good for enhancement to make my eyes' puffiness which has been a nuisance for me turn into something that make them look cute, heheh.

Second product is, The Face Shop's My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint! I freakin love this product because it's exactly the kind of lip tint I want! Having checked some reviews about this lip tint before, I think this tint is just perfect for me. The colour I bought is Bloody Red, since I like dark coloured tint which will most likely fit my lip's natural colour.


I'm sorry if the picture taken is very badly filtered, hehehe. The colour is just too dark that it almost looks like a black colour and such a pain for me to take a good picture of it clearly. The colour itself when applied to the lips is not that dark, just find the official swatch for this product on Google! 

Next product is Etude House Kissful Lip Concealer. I bought this product for specific purpose : the gradient lips! I really like gradient lips look which make the lips even cuter and a bit smaller. I'm not a fan of small lips honestly, I just like cute lips which usually come with the smaller size of the lips.


Last but not least, my very first eyebrow pencil %EC%A2%8B%EC%95%84 I have never bought any before so I decided to include one in my shopping cart this time, it's Etude House Drawing Eye Brow  The colour I choose is Black Brown which I think will be perfect for me. My natural eyebrow is black but being too black is just boring, lol.


Having looked at the official swatch for this product, I immediately put this product into my shopping cart. It has flat and thin something like crayon pastel inside it and will be revealed each you rotate the body. Since it has two functions, the another side of the eyebrow pencil is the eyebrow brush! Definetely a perfect product for me who's still a beginner in make up thingy %EC%A2%8B%EC%95%84%20%EB%8F%99%EA%B8%80%EC%9D%B4

Lastly, I also found this product in the package. I didn't order it so I guess the seller gave me a little bonus, haha ㅡㅡ 

Haven't used this It's Skin Star Cream until now. Some reviews on the internet said it's a whitening cream. Well I am not used to it so I think I will use it later....or never haha!

That's all for the makeup hauls! Few days later another package came and it's just a t-shirt I bought because it says 'JABBAWOCKEEZ' which is actually the name of a famous hiphop dance crew I really adore!!

It's not the official t-shirt of JBWKZ, I bought it because it's very cheap and I still have some money in the pocket so yeah~ I will also wear this t-shirt when doing dance practice.


The seller is the Urban Couture. Find it on Google and you will find it! It's Indonesia based clothing store, and they mostly sell urban style clothings which aren't the official ones.

Go to their site, I think it has a wide range of choices of urban clothings such as those for bboys, graffiti writers, motor cyclers, and many more %EC%9B%83%EC%9D%8C%20%EB%82%A8%EC%9E%90%EC%95%84%EA%B8%B0

Well, I think it's enough for today's post!  I will be posting some reviews for each product later on. Keep in touch guys! %EC%A2%8B%EC%95%84

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